Environmental, Social and Governance

Women's Empowerment


  • Start of support: 2023
  • Purpose of support: Supporting the organization in financing its activities
  • Category of beneficiaries: Palestinian women entrepreneurs

Women's Empowerment

The Businesswomen Forum (BWF) is a national non-profit organization established in 2006, to promote and empower the role of businesswomen and entrepreneurs as leaders in the Palestinian economy through advocacy, influence to create an enabling environment for women in Palestine. BWF works through a comprehensive methodology through provision of business development packages including capacity building, coaching, consultancy and technical support necessary for their business, enhancing access to markets, financing and knowledge, in addition to networking with local, regional and global institutions and organizations. Since its establishment, BWF aimed through partnership with local and international partners and key stakeholders, to empower women economically, achieve equality and present women’s voice in the business community.

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