Environmental, Social and Governance

Other Organisations

Throughout 2023, APIC and its subsidiaries supplied financial and in-kind support to various other groups and organizations, including:

  • AlSawahreh Charity Organization
  • Balata Youth Center
  • Baqaa Association
  • Early Intervention Association for Children with Disability
  • Eizarieh School
  • Faisal Husseini Foundation
  • Gaza Sky Geeks
  • Ibdaa Humanitarian Foundation
  • Jerusalem Day Society
  • Jerusalem Forum
  • Jerusalem Medical Association
  • Kufor Zebad Sports Club
  • Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)
  • Palestinian Civil Defence
  • Qusin Charity Association
  • Riyad AlAqsa School
  • Sanabel Kheir
  • Wa’d Youth Organisation
  • Wadi Al Nis Hospital
  • Wadi Charitable Society
  • Young Muslim Women Association
  • In-kind donations to the Gaza Strip
  • Municipalities and village councils
  • Various schools and universities
  • Sports, youth, and cultural centers and clubs
  • Organizations working to raise awareness on social, economic, and cultural aspects in Palestine