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  • Start of support: 2023
  • Purpose of support: On-the-job coaching and training newly graduated mental health professionals
  • Category of beneficiaries: Palestinian psychology graduates


The Palestinian Counselling Centre (PCC) is a mental health non-governmental organization established in 1983. The PCC was started by a group of psychologists to respond to the increasing need for mental health services among the Palestinian population. The PCC started intervening at the primary intervention level concentrating its efforts in raising the community’s awareness to the importance of counselling as a form of effective therapy for various psychosocial problems. The PCC then moved to intervene at the secondary level by placing and supervising psychologists, counsellors and social workers in schools and primary health clinics.  Presently, the PCC is regarded as a provider of secondary mental health care where it provides psychotherapy in its clinics in Jerusalem, Nablus and Ramallah, rehabilitation for chronically mental health patients in Qalqilya, in addition to building the capacities of Mental Health Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) workers nationally and regionally and supervising the PSS work of several CBOs in different locations in the West Bank. The PCC has its headquarters in the old city of Jerusalem with branch centers/ clinics in Ramallah, Qalqilya, Nablus and Jenin. The PCC employs 49 staff members and serves over 18,000 direct beneficiaries annually

Shahd Badran:

“This 10-month training program is the first stepping stone in my pathway to becoming a professional psychologist. The intensive coursework and practicum experiences have greatly improved my professional skills by allowing me to put classroom knowledge into practice in a supervised setting. My communication, active listening, and empathy skills have grown tremendously as I worked directly with the cases under the guidance of licensed clinicians. The training curriculum was thoughtfully designed to provide a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge paired with abundant opportunities to apply that knowledge in real counselling sessions. The combination of readings, lectures, discussions, role plays, and hands-on cases interactions has prepared me well for the next steps in establishing my career. Though just the first milestone, completing this training confirms I have gained the necessary competencies and experience to begin practicing as a psychologist.”

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  • Start of support: 2022
  • Purpose of support: Supporting periodic testing and awareness campaigns on the importance of early detection of breast cancer in women
  • Category of beneficiaries: Palestinian women


The Augusta Victoria Hospital is a medical center of excellence that has been providing health care services and other health programs since 1950. The hospital was established in partnership between the Lutheran World Federation and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency as a major medical facility to care for Palestinians. It is one of the most prominent members of the East Jerusalem Hospital Network, one of the largest projects of the Lutheran World Federation in the Middle East, and the second-largest hospital in Jerusalem.

“My name is Bushra Khuwairi, 37 years old and a mother of two sons and three daughters from Kafr Ni’ma in Ramallah district. I participated in the awareness sessions conducted by the mobile mammography clinic in sponsorship with APIC for the early detection of breast cancer that took place in Ramallah during the month of October 2023. During the clinical exam that I received after participating in the awareness session, the nurse suspected the presence of a lump and referred me to do a mammography immediately. A service that is provided by the AVH mobile mammography clinic. The images of the mammography were sent directly to AVH radiologist who confirmed the presence of the mass and referred me to the AVH surgeon for further evaluation and removal. Due to the war on Gaza, and the restrictions that were imposed by the Israeli Authorities on check points, AVH managed to secure transportation to its patients so that they receive the treatment without any interruption. My surgery was conducted on time and was 100% successful. Many thanks and appreciation to AVH staff who worked hard to discover the mass on a very early stage and help me receive the accurate treatment on a timely manner.”

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  • Start of support: 2020
  • Purpose of support: Supporting palliative care for patients in the late stages of terminal illness
  • Category of beneficiaries: Patients in the late stages of terminal illness


The first of its kind in the Middle East, Al Malath Hospice is a non-profit, voluntary organization established in February 1993 that supplies holistic support and home care for patients in the late stages of a terminal illness. Al-Malath provides a sound palliative approach to the relief of physical and emotional symptoms that neither hastens nor postpones death. The service exists in the hope and belief that through providing appropriate care and the promotion of a caring community that is sensitive to their needs, patients and their families may be free to attain a degree of physical, mental, and spiritual preparation for death that will ease the way for them.

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  • Start of support: 2018
  • Purpose of support: Supporting psychological and social support, medical aid, and awareness campaigns on the importance of early detection of breast cancer in women
  • Category of beneficiaries: Women with breast cancer and their families in Gaza


Aid and Hope Program for Cancer Patients Care is a Palestinian non-governmental non-profit organization that was established in 2010 in the Gaza Strip and is the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip to provide awareness workshops and psychosocial support for breast cancer patients and their families. Its vision is to collaborate with primary and secondary health facilities and other organizations to maximize the effectiveness of their activities while avoiding the duplication of efforts, as well as breast cancer prevention and early detection programs.


  • Start of support: 2010
  • Purpose of support: Supporting the center, the Dreams Come True Program, and Charity Fund dedicated to covering the costs of accommodation for Palestinian cancer patients who are referred by the Palestinian Ministry of Health for treatment
  • Category of beneficiaries: Cancer patients


The King Hussein Cancer Center is a pioneering medical institution in the Middle East that supplies the latest scientific developments in holistic cancer care for patients, both children and adults. The center is accredited by the Joint Commission International as specialized in comprehensive cancer care and is the only medical center outside the United States of America to be awarded the Joint Commission International Clinical Care Program Certificate for its oncology program.

“My name is Bushra, and I want to express my gratitude for KHCF and the Dreams Come True Program for being a source of hope during my treatment journey. The support I received has had a positive impact on my mental well-being and gave me the strength to persevere in my battle with cancer.”

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  • Start of support: 2023
  • Purpose of support: Supporting with insulin injections
  • Category of beneficiaries: Palestinian diabetic children


The society was founded by a group of parents of sick patients and diabetes clinic in Tulkarm to provide what is best for patients in terms of psychological support and health education, and rehabilitation of diabetics commensurate with their health to be active contributors in the community.